It is striking to discover long after the fact that your parents were spies and double-agents, especially if you can’t ask them any questions.

In his late 50’s, Alberto Tomás Cortiñas code-named “Chacho,” discovered he had been used as an alibi to hide espionage by his father, ex-Admiral of the Dominican Fighting Navy, Tomás Cortiñas Criado. Tomás parallel to his Naval career was a spy working for the CIA and FBI along with his wife, Olga Estrella Martínez, a Ballerina and the daughter of a poisoned ex-President of the Dominican Republic.

For years, Chacho, felt he was a hostage since he had to follow his father’s orders and was dangerously exposed to unusual people, situations and secrets. His parent’s romance was intertwined with espionage disguised by their Admiral and Ballerina roles. They code-named their bosses and colleagues at the CIA and FBI who were involved in the missions, as “Mr. Switche.”

The Admiral, The Ballerina and Mr. Switche

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“This captivating book brings to life the intriguing stories of the main characters with vivid descriptions and engaging storytelling. The characters are richly drawn, and the mix of mystery, intrigue, and romance kept me hooked from beginning to end.”

“Reads like a Hollywood screenplay - and it should be! A real insight in to a period little understood and shows how courage and patriotism can prevail.”

Robert K. Lindgren, United States

“Este libro explica detalles de historias que muy pocas personas conocen al mismo tiempo en una narrativa que te involucra a la época. Tatiana Pagés hizo un excelente estudio para conseguir los datos del Admiral y de la Ballerina! Una época bastante difícil en la Rep. Dominicana.”

Alice Heinsen, New York

“Sometimes life is more surprising and exciting than fiction can be. Here we have the proof! A Caribbean James-Bond-like story that tells us a lot about history and that things that happened in the past are not necessarily better than today’s. It’s an astonishing family’s story that unfolds over the pages. Very interesting!!! I liked the book a lot.”

Anonymous, Germany

“Tatiana has captured the kaleidoscope of my parents life and organized it to tell to the best of my knowledge, honoring the ones who helped liberate the Dominican Republic and me of my past life. It is an honor to discover a new writer as inspiring as she is. because of this novel she has captured me as she will you. Alberto, code-named “Chacho.”

Alberto Cortiñas, New York

A Real Story

A mènage à trois between three unexpected allies in a time full of power, dictatorships, espionage, glamour, intrigue and romance.

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